We Believe In Our Team

At Paradigm Healthcare, we believe in continuously striving to become the best healthcare employer in every community we serve. We know that experienced, compassionate, and dedicated employees are integral to achieving our goals and providing an unmatched level of care.

We Believe:

  • That by empowering our staff, we can achieve more.
  • That by removing communication barriers, we can better work together as a team.
  • That by providing personalized, continuing education, we can help our boost our teams confidence and skills.
  • That by utilizing the latest technology we can simplify our team’s workload and ensure all needed resources are always available.

Principles of Hiring and Retention:

We’re intent on hiring the best employees in the skilled nursing and healthcare industry and are dedicated to earning and retaining their loyal services. We are committed to helping our employees grow professionally through the Paradigm Career Advancement program. Our mentoring program adds a level of comfort to every new and existing team member.

The Paradigm Benefits and Perks:

  • A competitive benefits package that includes health, dental, vision.
  • Employee Dashboard (Mobile & Desktop Compatibility) – Electronic management of schedule, PTO, benefit packages and more.
  • Employee Safety and Satisfaction Council consisting of team members from various departments and disciplines.
  • Continuing Education – Tailored education to ensure all staff meet their necessary educational hours facilitating professional growth and career advancement with Paradigm Healthcare
  • Mentorship Program – Added comfort knowing that you are being set up for success. Each new team member is paired with an existing experience team member.